Friday, August 19, 2011

Final days of summer

Its the home stretch and its going sooo slow. I think this summer was extra hard cause it was soo hot most days we were stuck inside which drives me crazy. I have been trying to do something fun every day to celebrate the end of this all day long with 4 kids thing. I have been lax on most of my parenting. Not putting on sunblock, letting them "fight it out", allowing friends that I HATE over, food in the living room (gasp). And today water in the back yard. Because of the drought we have not been allowed to water and if you do water it costs a ton. But its FRIDAY so I let it all out and went hog wild and hooked up the sprinkler so they could jump on the tramp. No matter what the water bill reads it was so worth it cause I got 2 hours of them being entertained! I know they might get skin cancer having been out there that long but.. According to my mom the end of the world is going to happen any day now so why worry about skin cancer? Live it up a little people!

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lesliebassett said...

The water was soo good for and to the kids. A brilliant bit of parenting if I do say so myself.