Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dallin graduated 5th grade

Don't ask me why they celebrate this. Let alone take up a full day in ceremony for kids leaving grade school. But some PTA mom some where thinks her kid needed a send off so the rest of us parents have to show up so we don't look bad. Any way.... You can tell as soon as you see other parents walking in which child is theirs. I could go into detail about how they dress and act but I will just leave it at that. Cause I am feeling sweet and precious today. Lets just say Dallin was too cool to wear a bright vest and direct traffic before or after school with "safety patrol" he skipped the meeting for "no place for hate", the assistant principal begged him to be in more things but after he used a few choice words in PE she gave up hope. He didn't get the most awards and that is why I love him!! He gets it. Life is all about being who you are and not letting a certificate define you. Granted when I go to Addie's graduation she will have all top honors. But she is a self made teachers pet. I encourage my kids to stick it to the institution as much as they can (even though Andrew loathes that type of behavior). I see girls and guys on Facebook that were in all AP classes and had perfect GPAs and most of them make as much money as I do. I wasn't dumb I just wasn't an over achiever that's for sure. Dallin is very funny and he will be somebody one day. I feel it in my bones. He is my world. He inspires me to work hard and stay mentally tough. I am so nervous about him going into middle school. Its so hard. Everything changes all you old friends act like they don't know you. People pick on you for no reason. All of a sudden you are suppose to CARE about what you look like. He still prefers elastic band waist pants. I will do whatever it takes to help him fit in. So here is to the future and BYE BYE to lame elementary school. We shall see how those kids that won 100 awards handle middle school.
And to the moms out there reading this thinking "my son won the science fair/pine wood derby/all boys choir/citizenship award and he isn't a nerd she is just trying to make excuses for her son". To you I say. I am more worried about his character and his heart than those awards. They truly mean NOTHING! Watch how you judge he could be your sons boss one day.

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