Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tennis 2014

The girls just started Tennis. Andrew is really into it and he thinks its the perfect sport period. I only think its ok for girls to play. Therefore I had no beef with him signing my girls up. They hve private lessons on Sunday. This past week the coach recommended they jump rope everyday. I am a bad parent. I hate teaching my kids to brush their teeth, finish their homework, or have morals, respectable language, or manners. BUT THIS! Making them exercise... This I can do! I put them right to work. Doubled the amount of time he suggested and had them bawling in less than 2 min. Addie looked like a train wreck. I could hardly watch. She must be skipping out in PE at school cause a cripple could jump with more stable legs than this chika had. Olivia was a little better but not by much. Day 4 they were killing it! Jumping rope like Rocky BalBoa. We will double up lessons in the summer. And hope this will pay for their college? Maybe?

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