Saturday, June 7, 2014

Round Rock Express

Right after Derek broke his arm we decided to go to a local minor league baseball game. There are so many fun things to do that its almost hard to sit and watch baseball. They have a rock climbing wall, swimming pool, jumpy house, playground, and tons of food. The best part was because Derek was still in a splint (till the swelling in his arm had gone down) we were on strict orders to keep him safe. The bone was set but a splint hardly holds it in place like a cast does. He managed to sneak into the bouncy house and climb with one arm up the swing set fort. I took him back to our blanket where he started a game of catch with some other boy that was there with his family. The boy threw the ball at Derek, he caught it and said "now you have to tackle me!" I peed a little in my pants. It has been impossible keeping him safe. It was a fun night complete with a fireworks show at the end. We know how to do baseball in Texas!

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