Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Move Mountains

Dallin has been working with a personal trainer for little over a year now. The problem with youth sports is its usually some dad that wants to re live his high school glory days that volunteers to coach, which always translates into poor coaching. They usually just want to do enough to get praise and thanks but they never TEACH the boys how to improve their skills. So I decided to hire some one for Dallin on my own. And it has made a huge difference in his football, baseball, and basketball. Next year he will be too big to play youth football and the junior high does not have a 6th grade team so he needs to have some thing to keep him going. This past week he did a big workout in the front yard with his trainer. Sit ups, plyo push ups, bear crawls, and yes pushing a jeep with his 200lb trainer inside pumping on the break. Most parents will think this in unsafe (mainly the parents who's kids don't play sports). But trust me its not. He is very strong and has been working hard since he was 6. His trainer is a professional and knows what he is doing. If he wants to play in college he will have to big enough and strong enough to move mountains so we will start with a jeep and work our way up. (video)

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