Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This summer I decided I wanted ALL my kids to ride their bikes. I hadn't even tried to teach Addie since she was 4 and we had a fight in Arizona. She stormed off and sat on the neighbors porch saying she wanted a new home. So she was really behind Olivia is at the right age and Derek is probably a little young but I wanted it to be over with. Some parents act like its this major major feat that their child is riding their bike early but I mean please. It means nothing in the bigger scheme of things. Its not like something you can put on their resume when they want to be the CFO of some company.
Its just a matter of timing and the parents willingness to help the child through it. I tend to be on the lazier side of parenting but I was aggressive this year. The girls learned in less than an hour. Olivia doesn't like it but she picked up on it quickly. Derek took some bribery with a toy each time he rode his bike. Now my game plan is to take them all out every other day for a longer ride to help smooth out the kinks. The girls freak out going down hill and are too weak to pump up a hill but that will come with time.

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