Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got 5 words for you!

Don't play games with kids!

And to be more specific board games or anything made by Hasbro. I hate it its awful and frustrating. I got clued into this one for the first time when Andrews sister would let her son play card games with us one new years eve. I am quick to pick up on things so when my kids ask to play I say NO. Andrew on the other hand seems to think its loads of fun like every other Mormon Settlers of Catan addict that has never been drunk and so therefore uses board games as their high. So every once in a while I get suckered into playing with him and the kids and slowly it breaks down into the most frustrating thing ever. Some one cheats, some one whines cause they are not doing well in the game, I trash talk, no one can handle that, the three year old leaves to go play with some toys, and BAM game over! Here is one example of a simple game of memory gone bad.

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