Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Addie is left handed and I have been a little slow on helping her with this.One time she was sweeping the floor and said mom I am having a hard time. I looked over at her and the way she was doing it looked weird so I said "um cause your doing it all retarded" then I realized she was doing it opposite of how I do it cause she is left handed. (that reminds me I need to put money aside for the therapy she will need for having such a lame mom). But recently I have been trying allot harder to learn more about leftys.
You would be surprised at how much leftys do differently(maybe YOU wouldn't but I was). They even have a pencil sharpener for them cause they turn the pencil counterclockwise to get it sharp. They also have clocks where the numbers go the other way ect.. Some stuff I think she will just adapt to and learn to adjust to the right handed way of things but I got what I thought she needed. The crazy thing is she can write backwards with ease. Any word! she doesn't even have to think about it. If I spelled my name backwards I would have to go through each letter and then I could say what comes next. She doesn't do this. When she writes her name on her school work she writes it backwards. And the other day she wrote a whole book this way. She even made a book that you can only read if you hold it up to a mirror. Meaning she had to switch the sentence around so when you read it in the mirror it makes sense. Crazy! It would take me hours to make a book like that. It only took her a few minutes.
I had to order some left handed school supplies online for her and it sucks how much they cost. They are having a contest where you send in a photo of your child using left handed products and you get a gift card to their store. Not exactly like winning the lottery but I will take what I can get. So I did a little mini Ghetto photo shoot and sent a couple of pics in. If I hired a photographer to take the pics it would cost me more than the gift card is worth but I do agree that they would do a much better job than I did. What do you think? wish me luck

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