Monday, July 18, 2011


My little niece came to visit and my kids just love playing with her. Now that I think about it I was pretty damn smart to have all my kids first so when these new little ones come along there is plenty of love to give them. If I were busy breast feeding or potty training my own little ones I doubt I would have enough energy to spare. But that's not the case now I love my little niece and nephew some thing fierce. And so do my kids. Addie decided to teach Peyton how to draw this trip. It cracks me up cause they are so patient with her. I am freakishly impatient and I love moments like this where I can see that my kids are not taking after me and are smart enough to see my short comings as immature and ridiculous. Which means I will win the game of having superior children by default. No shame = All gain.

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Alyssa Ast said...

You have a beautiful family. All of my nieces and nephews are the same age as my children, so it's nothing but chasing them around when they come over, but it's still a blast.

Alyssa Ast