Friday, July 15, 2011

Pet addendum

Time to update you all on the whole pet situation as I am so sure you are wanting to know how its going. So last time I posted Addie had replaced a dead fish with a bird and we got a new fish to add to the family pot. Well allot of sh** has gone down since then. One day Dallin confesses he has "misplaced" his lizard. He took him out and forgot to put him back he was distraught and we were pissed. So for a couple of days while I was cleaning I would look in closets and drawers(don't ask me why I thought he would be in drawers some times I do dramatic things for more of an effect)only to come up empty handed. Andrew and I went to bed and agreed he was dead and Dallin had to earn back the cost for the lizard. The next day he found him under his bed. But Addies bird was dead. I was like "PSHHH" thats Petco's problem and I pulled out my 15 day return policy and told the chick at the counter I wanted a new bird. To which she replied um I need to see the dead bird. WHA? For reals? So I went home, Andrew dug it out of the trash and I sat in a stupor not sure how to package it and bring it in. I put it in the zip lock bag and went on my merry way. As I was walking through the parking lot with the bird people were giving me these horrible faces like I was Hannibal Lecter and was suffocating a bird in the bag. But I will never see any of them again so who cares right? Once I got there I was ready to quickly make the exchange but NOOOOOO. I was interrogated for like 20 min on what I might have done to kill the bird. Do you use allot of candles... How often do you vacuum...Was it near a vent? It felt like they might as well have an interrogation room like they do down at the police station equipped with a lie detector and the window where they see you but you can't see them. After all that she takes the bird back to the "bird expert" and wants him to have a look. What the HELL? its a 30 dollar bird you act like I killed Ghandi. Long story short I came home with Isabella. Our new bird. I had to go back the next day and get all the feed and toys and vitamins I claimed we had for the first bird and couldn't be the reason for its death. Then about a week later Dereks Hamster died. He literally squeezed it so hard when he would hold it he smashed its skull. Sheesh kido ease up on the death grip. We waited about a week and then I told the kids in the car that whatever they did do not tell Petco people the other hamster died. I wasn't worried about the return policy I just wanted to get in and out of there no questions asked. A couple of times it almost came out. Like they asked if we had a cage and everything already and the kids were like yeah we already had....a.. (then they look at me and see a vain popping in my forehead and eye twitching) and change it to "our friends gave us their old cage" Yes!! Snow Cones for every one! And as I type this the new Hamster that is lost under the couch I sit on. Roll Call-Reggie the dog still cute. El Ferno-Found and happy to be back in his cage. Analise-Fat as ever over loved and over fed. Isabella- Sweet and nicer than the last bird. Shelby-New Hamster under thee couch. Fish-still has no name.

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