Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pet Update!

Yes our pet situation is ever changing. So there is a vital need to update you all. I can honestly say I am not to worried about losing readers over dull posts like this cause tons of women are waaaaaay behind on their blogging and mine is pretty much the only one with some thing new to read. So sit back and grab your popcorn. This post is gonna be good.
Meet Gorgia. I didn't name her because we adopted her. She is so pretty and very very smart. Which is why she is perfect for us. I have invested heavily in dog training classes and its paying off big time. As of right now she walks with out pulling me, stops at the stop signs, and walks close by my side. She doesn't chase other dogs or squirrels. She has a "place" where she sits and stays until I release her. So if the pizza guy comes or a small child that is afraid of dogs comes into our home she stays in place to help the visitor feel at ease. She will sit and stay sitting even if I go miles away until I tell her to stop sitting. Its beyond me how these people can pull off so much but I love it!!

She is a German Shepard mix and a real sweety.

(I can't seem to flip this picture to save my life) In the tank behind Derek is a cute baby aqua turtle. It swims and loves the sun light. The best part is the kids can take it swimming in the back yard pool this summer. His name is Cesar

Olivia got a new Hamster at Christmas. She named her Cocoa. Derek got a hamster too from Papa Weeks but it again died after a couple of weeks so Livvy bought connection tubes and joined both hamster cages to give Cocoa more living space.

Addie got another bird to be friends with her first bird Isabella. Max is blue and a very pretty birdy. And I didn't know this.... but birds love to have a companion. They full on fly around the house now when we take them out of their cage. Andrew and Addie refuse to keep clipping their wings.

Dallin still has El FernO. I seriously doubted that he would live this long. But he has and we recently had to get him a bigger cage cause he was out growing the other one. Occasionally Dallin will draw a cool picture and tape it to the back of his cage to show some love.
We still have the pet fish. I swear she is Anorexic though she almost never eats and still manages to live. Its crazy.

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