Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Day 2

This was a laid back day. At least that was the plan. The problem is we did an Insanity work out before we started the day. So we were sore and tired before all the fun began. We had Mcdonalds for lunch to let the kids run around and get energy out so we could sit and hopefully recoup some energy. Then Annette bought a blow up pool and we filled it up with hose water mixed with buckets of hot water to make the perfect temp for this time of year. The kids always want to swim but going to a pool is still too cold. Me and Annette sun tanned on the tramp and the kids went crazy in the pool. Then dinner at Red Robbin followed by a trip to Toys R US and each kid got to pick out a toy. That kept them entertained till bed time. Love spring break.

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