Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break Day 1

Dallin acting serious about his injury.

sorry it blurry
My sister Annette came out to visit for spring break. We didn't plan anything crazy exciting. Like Hawaii or South Padre Island ...but we do have plans to get out of thew house at least once a day. She arrived on Sunday and we were rockin and rollin. We had lunch and went to head out to see a movie at which point Annette talked to us about Dallin's toe. He bent it back playing in the yard with the dog and it was badly bruised and swollen. He had baseball camps starting the next day so we decided we needed to make sure it wasn't broken. The vote was to go to The LORAX and then hit up the ER for xrays after. Don't you just love that we have our priorities straight? In the end they said it was a bad sprain and he would heal quickly. The thing about the ER is it took about 30 min to come to this conclusion and over 2 hours to get three pieces of paper work ready for us to sign so we could leave. At one point you voluntarily walk into the place hoping to get some help and then at some point it starts to feel like you are being held hostage and you begin to plan out escape plans in great detail in your head. Usually you get to that point when your phone battery dies and there is no more facebooking and games to help pass the time.

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