Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Day 3

I just realized I should have done this back wards but o well I am already to be done with this.
Day 3 we went to Pump It Up but we played it smart and brought along a friend for each kid so the adults didn't have to get in the jumpers and play. The only down side was about every 8 seconds each kid would come up and tell us that some one bonked their head, landed on their chin, or they got an elbow rug burn. It was constant until we designated one of the picnic rooms as 'The Injury Room" and when they would come up with tears we would send them to the injury room and it seemed to ease their pain quickly and they would go back out and jump again.
We had sonic brought in to eat and Annette ran to a convenient store to buy donuts and sprite for a later snack.
After that the kids went down to the pond with Grandpa to fish and they found this itty bitty tiny weeny turtle. We decided to keep it since we already had a place for it back at Home.

The injury room. They must have been pumping laughing gas through the vents cause the kids felt instantly better once they got in there.

Meet Rep Tino he is about the size of a milk lid right now. Cute!

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