Monday, March 5, 2012

Shoe Fetish?

Ever since I started my new job at the gym I noticed I hardly ever wear normal clothes. Like jeans or skirts or every day clothing. I am almost always in gym clothing. And some where along the line I started buying more attractive clothes to wear to the gym. In other words I stopped shopping at walmart and started shopping at sporting goods stores. Then I started matching the shoes I wear with the outfit. So its my way of being girly in a not so girly, pumping iron like a bad ass at the gym in matching cute workout gear kind of way. Did you follow all of that ?
I have tons of running shoes now. I use coupons and get them on sale and I always buy at least two workout tops to match the shoes to make the new shoe purchase seem more worth it. I won't tell you how many pairs I own. Its a huge number and people would just judge me. But let me say its over 20. I need to get a handle on it soon cause I practically spend every dime my job brings in on this little obsession. And no one at the gym seems to give a damn that I have all these shoes that match my tops. Just one more pink pair of Nikes and I promise I will stop.

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