Monday, October 26, 2009

Cant Afford a Cruise?

If you cant afford a cruise like us. Well then a primary program is the next best thing to get excited about. Trust me I know my life is getting more and more boring but I like it this way for now. I cant handle much more than these simple joys so we get all ghetto fab for it. My mom wanted to see the kids in their primary program and they needed some warmer dresses now that fall has officially arrived. It turned out that blue was the theme so why not dangle their favorite stuffed animal or blanky over a trash can and force them to smile for a picture?


Rachel said...

Ghetto fab? Can I use that? Actually I think that would describe how I dressed to go out to dinner on Saturday. Definitely overdressed. I guess I missed the memo.

Camille Weeks said...

Sure. Any time you cant think of the word to describe an odd situation feel free to ask me what to call it. I usually know.