Thursday, October 1, 2009

Head Injuries

My little guy can't seem to go longer than 38 hours without a head injury of some sort. Its amazing how he will plow his way into one pretty much every day. And some days like last night he will have multiple incidents. I wish they sold little helmets for his size head. I am really worried about it. He fell on his head as a baby and it just snow balled from there and hasnt stopped. I told Andrew last night that I doubt we have a brain surgeon in the makings. Maybe he will play sports and we can not worry too much about concussions. I am already preparing myself to deal with slurred speech. Call me a drama queen but how many times can you take a hit to the head with no side affects? I would say little homie had past that amount at 6 months.

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Anonymous said...

God I love this kid!
Love, Aunt Bunka