Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Packages

Its time again for video clips of the kids receiving Aunt Nets packages. She has been able to see them as much as possible therefore we have not had them in a while. This Halloween however she could not swing it so she sent them "I am sorry" packages. Derek and Dallin's came first and the girls are on there way. Or I guess the post man forgot to put them in the same box. I decided to have Dallin wait till the girl's packages came and let Derek open his cause it included the movie Monsters vs Aliens for all of them to share. He was so happy and excited. He usually gets very little cause of his age and ranking. So it was nice to be the only one getting gifts for today. His older siblings were just fine with it. I guess they have a ton of faith in Aunt Net cause whenever I promise things in the future they don't fall for it..

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