Friday, October 23, 2009

Carameled Apples

I do my level headed best to try an avoid doing cutesy things that are crafty or clever or spun with home made cheer so I can avoid the stereo type that most mormon moms fit into. But I have found myself doing this sort of thing more and more FOR THE KIDS of course. NOT! because I am cute or crafty. This Halloween season I decided to make carmeled apples one time for dessert. It was soo worth it. I made them the old school way unwrapping a million caramels and slowly melting them on the stove. They were so yummy yet it was a little painful on the jaw to bite into such thick caramel. My family was pleasantly surprised and liked them allot. Now I will have to bring plain old cupcakes with no design or creative Halloween embellishment to throw people off my trail at the Ward Halloween Party. Dont want to over do it now.

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Stephanie said...

You know you love it! They look delicious!