Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Science. No Thankyou!

This past weekend my sister and her husband came to town and Andrew came over to hang out. (He doesn't live with us any more but he misses the kids so he still hangs out as often as he can) I bought Dallin a science kit for his birthday. Andrew and the kids had made crystals and a volcano a few weeks back and loved it so I thought he would enjoy this kit. Plus Andrew suggested it over and over again. Any way they opened it up and made this rocket that launches with baking soda and vinegar. But men cant just leave it at that and move on. The next thing you know we are off to the store for a BIGGER bottle of vinegar and a TURBO sized box of baking soda. At this point I decide to keep from getting angry at the mess I must take a nap and hope when I wake up either the mess is gone or I am happier. About 20 min into my nap I hear a child screaming my eyes. I run down stairs to aunt Becka washing Dallin's eyes out. They figured out that the more soda and vinegar they add the higher the rocket goes and that they all need to stand back and probably wear something over their eyes as the vinegar does spray out every where. They did manage to blast it over the house. I never have the patience or the enthusiasm for these kinds of things. I should at least get credit for buying the kit.

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