Monday, October 12, 2009

Flu Season

This week at church Addie and I were the only ones to go. Dallin came down with a cough and Derek was just getting over one. And Olivia was with her grandparents at their church. It is so much fun having one kid and getting to just hear them talk and give them individual attention. It makes me realize how much of their lives I miss out on because of how busy I am with the other kids. I let her sit on my lap the whole sacrament meeting. Normally I never let kids do things like that cause then the others will complain that they want to as well and you can never make all of them happy. I have to order all happy meals exactly the same and we only buy things for their birthdays because they are all keeping tabs. I was dreading the flu season but now not so much cause maybe I will have more days with just one kid and get to enjoy and relax for once. I did however not like the fact that I smelled very heavily of VICKS vapor rub.

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