Friday, October 23, 2009

The Motha of all head bonks.

This last weekend at Dallin's football game Derek topped his worst of the worst head bumps. He was with me in the bathroom and crawled out under my stall and was playing in other toilets. I came out to find Andrew had been asked to help with the chains on the field. I was trying to single handedly wrangle the three by myself and watch Dallin's game. He always says to me "Mom did you see my tackle or were you busy watching the kids?" It breaks my heart. Derek was climbing up and down the bleachers and I was talking to the girls. The next thing I know the whole crowd was screaming in horror. Derek had gone to the top and some how fallen down the space between the side railing. He fell 15ft and landed flat on his face. He came up crying and the bump was swelling out which is good. But we rushed him to the ER where they checked him for any broken bones and internal bleeding. Let me just say it was a long long day at the ER and we were exhausted. I bawled my eyes out I felt so bad. I was so worried that people would be judgmental and harsh. I didnt want to go to football practice the following Monday. But I went and was overwhelmed with how worried people were that he was ok. And then once they found out he was fine they proceeded to all tell me stories about how their kids ended up in the ER. Most of the stories were so funny and its just crazy how it was usually a story about an adventurous boy that had no fear. And thats our little Derek. They were all so helpful and asked if they could do anything to help in any way. It made me realize that I value people with a full heart and the kind of compassion that comes with REAL life experiences. The people that judge and feel like they can decide who is a good parent or a bad one based on how they prefer to do things. Well... their opinion just doesnt matter. I could care less what they think. Going forward- I am going to try harder next time to watch him better. But I am also going to have more faith in people next time.


Rachel said...

His head must be made of steel.

Stephanie said...

Poor Derek! and poor you for having to go through that. I think I would have thrown up.