Monday, December 13, 2010

Annette's Surgery

My sister recently has had another rough patch with her health. After battling cancer at the age of 22 and almost loosing her life we have all been thrilled each day that she has stayed in remission. A couple of months ago however they found a lump in her throat and reccomended that she have surgery to remove it. At her follow up appointment a few days after having her throat sliced open they told her the tests came back with a rare type of cancer and she has to go back in and take out the other side of her lymphnodes. So this Friday she will go in for surgery again. Its been a long fight and I can tell she is loosing her courage to continue on. I can't blame her it must be hard to have to fight that hard. Not to mention how people stare at her throat and make comments. That can't be fun. The kids and I decided to put this slideshow together for her so she can come look at it whenever she feels lost. I know I know. I am usually never corny or cheesy or emotinal so I promise I won't make a habit of it if this comes across as lame.


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Cindy W. said...

What a great video for Annette! You have made her day/week for sure! (I'll have to take my laptop to work so everyone can see this now) She will definately come here when she feels lost Camille, what a great sister you are!