Friday, December 24, 2010

Trip to Kentucky

I was so worried for Annette and I was a little dramatic with the video slide show cause it turns out we were able to go be with her for her surgery any way. She still has a long road ahead of her. In 4-6 weeks she will take a radiation pill that will kill off what is left of the cancer cells and then they will decide if she is done or needs to have chemo treatments. But at least we could go out and see her at Christmas time. I was worried about boring people with the play by play of our trip but I figure if you are on here reading blogs there is probably not much keeping you busy at the moment any way so... enjoy!

Our first flight to Kentucky was delayed. The plane had a problem so we sat for an hour before they let us off. I thought I would go crazy just sitting there. It made me feel trapped.

This is my attempt at photography. I won't try it again. Everything was covered in ice when we first got there.

We attempted to go ice skating with Addie. She didn't like it at all. Me and Annette didn't either but we made her finish one lap.

Annette took Addie to build a bear and they had horses which of course Addie went nuts over. This is Grace her horse with 4 sparkly red shoes!

We went out to eat allot. Which I loved cause I hate cooking. It was a nice break. I would watch in awe as Annette patiently helped Addie color the little menu's they give kids. I never want to do that with my kids. I would rather stare at pictures on the wall and wait for my food to come.

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