Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Songs

I have always struggled to come up with ways to drum up some extra holiday cheer and keep the Christmas buzz lasting through the days that lead up to the grand finally. Of course I do Ginger bread houses and sugar cookies and ice skating and hot chocolate.
A couple of years ago they called me to be the nursery singing leader and at Christmas time I had a special round of songs for the kids. Lets face it the church songs don't always make for too much fun and dancing so I add in some other song choices like Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer" and for the song "Once there was a snow man" I bring in one of those inflatable outdoor snow men and when it melts I just unplug the thing and let it deflate. I usually would come up with and idea and then do a test run on my kids. They liked it so much that I decided to add a couple of songs after reading a Christmas book every night until Christmas Day. I didn't include all of them in this blog cause there are tons of Christmas songs. For Jingle Bells we have bells that each kid can shake and a baby Jesus in a manger for "Away in a Manger". You get the picture. I got video clips this year cause my little guy wont be little much longer. I love to add ideas and props every year its crazy almost like a disorder. Now I can see how all these crafty women can wear out their bank accounts buying ribbon and fabric or scrap booking supplies. My little obsession is much much much cheaper but I get it.

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