Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Andrew and I were busy doing major Santa work and because it was top secret I panicked and yelled "Get Back In Bed!!" as soon as I saw Olivia's door open. She said back to me "Um. I am sorry but I think I have something in my ear". She has had a double ear infection for weeks now and it won't seem to go away she is on her second round of a different type of antibiotic so I was thinking it might have some thing to do with that. I asked her what was in her ear and if it was just the pain relief drops and she said "Um I fink it a diamond". What? She admitted to sticking a diamond jewel in her ear. I looked in there and sure enough I could see it sparkle. So off to Urgent care we went. Only to find THREE of them not open. So on Christmas eve our only bet was the Emergency Room. The wait wasn't too bad but no matter what they did they couldn't get it out. She is going into an ENT specialist today at 1 to be put under anesthesia and they will remove it with out her wiggling too much. What a crazy girl! I love how she tells me the truth in a round about way. A couple of weeks ago I saw her picking her nose and told her its yucky and we don't do that she said "OK but I think there is a bead up there". You think or you know Olivia? And then just a couple of minutes ago she asked for a sandwich. I told her she already had one and she claims her brother ate it while she was upstairs going to the bathroom. She said "I had to go upstairs cause the toilet down stairs has a toy car in it". I said why would you think that and she said "What"? I asked again and she said "what"? I figured she would just keep saying what till I gave up so I went to check the toilet and sure enough its clogged. I can't see what could be keeping it from flushing all the way but I will operate under the assumption that there could be a hot wheels car shoved in there. Here are some pics of her in the ER acting like she has no idea why all the adults are so upset.