Friday, December 3, 2010

In other News

My mom found these cool color montage thingers. I am home schooling Olivia this year just cause I really didn't have much time for her when she was a baby. I spent allot of time on bed rest when I was pregnant with Derek and then once he was born I had marital problems and a new baby so its all kind of a blur. She is so young and cute and I felt like I needed to really bond with her before she starts kindergarten. At first she was freaked out when I would let her sit on my lap and cuddle. And when I would go to read her books she always was shocked and not sure how to handle the moment. But now she is getting more used to it. We have been working on her colors and numbers and these montage activities kill two birds with one stone. Its kind of like paint by number but instead of paint you stick on the foam color square. Its actually pretty fun. I also included pics of the horse ones my mom bought Addie. They are really good for car rides and church too.

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