Sunday, June 6, 2010

2nd part of the day..............

To my surprise my parents come rolling down the hill with Dallin in the back of their truck just in time cause Olivia was getting tired of riding her scooter and told me "mom I don't have any strength"

Of course they brought donuts and chocolate milk right before the kids have a healthy lunch. Guess how many ham and cheese sandwiches ended up in the trash??

And the best surprise was they had aturtle they found on the road in the back of the truck. The kids went nuts and we drove down the the pond in our neighborhood to let it go.

My dad and the kids letting the turtle go and then watching it sit in the water and do absolutely nothing for over 10 min.

They also picked fresh peaches at a local orchard and brought me some to go home an make peach jam. Not too exciting but I like it slow and low key in the summer.

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