Friday, June 18, 2010

Project #3

This next project has been years in the making. I hated every ounce of painting our last house in Arizona so much that I had to take a break. When we moved here to Texas we had lived there a little over 4 years but I still was not ready to paint again. I took another year off and now I am bored enough that I decided to tackle the task. I am not even going to try and be humble here. I can pick paint colors about as well as any gay guy out there. I don't have the patience for quilting like Rachel or the crafty ideas that my friend Trisha and Heidie and Lynsee have. Or the mad cooking skills of Stephanie. But I can pick a paint color that will make even my cheap Target accessories look nice! It doesn't pay the bills but its something I can hang my hat on. I wanted to buy expensive art or new furniture but since paint is cheap its the most I can do right now.

(I was going to wait and take this pic when the kitchen was clean but that wouldn't be till the kids are back in school so just ignore the mess)


Stephanie said...

Beautiful. It really is a talent, Camille! I wish you could come over and tell me what colors to paint my house.

Rachel said...

Pick some paint colors for me, really. You've seen my crap furniture. Looks great btw.