Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Project Picnic Table. My mom bought me this all wood picnic table from a man selling them on the side of the freeway. Because she is a small town girl she loves to stop and talk to people like this (I have never met any that have clean teeth) for a couple of hours before she makes the purchase. When she goes into Target and the cashier is about her business trying to move quickly to the next customer she usually will complain about how unfriendly their service is. Honestly I didn't really want the table but when I realized what it would take to get rid of something that large I decided I didn't want the hassle and it was better to make it a more permanent fixture of the backyard. I then sanded it down and added a waterproof coat to it. The best part is I put on my swim suite thinking I should at least get a tan while I did the work in the back yard the areas where I got drips on my legs did not tan so it looks really weird. O well... It was something to do.

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Rachel said...

Projects are good.