Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pregnant and didn't know it ??

TLC has this new show about people being pregnant and they had NO CLUE! Then they have actors play out the scene where the next thing they know they are in labor and pop out a healthy perfectly normal 7 lb baby. And are in shock. Ok I know most of my friends hate my cussing but NO FU**ING WAY!!!! I am sorry. This is coming from the "expert" in this field. For starters I got preggers in high school and for sure didn't want it to be happening. I would run cross country and skip periods or just spot some times so I ignored that sign. Then I would throw up and get nauseous, we went to the doctor to check for stomach ulcers the doctor tested me and said I think you might be pregnant and its not Ulcers. So even if I didn't want to acknowledge it a medical professional would. I refused to accept it and went about my life. But then there was movement in my stomach. I was a teenager and didn't gain much weight I was trying to eat less so I wouldn't gain too much weight (you know how vain teenagers are). So I can see how they skip over the weight gain ... but my stomach still got bigger it had to there was a baby in there and placenta and a protective sack full of fluid around the baby. You could actually see me stomach move when the baby would shift and move because I was staying so thin. I remember class mates seeing this and freaking out. So at about the 6 month 7 month mark I could not hide it at all!!! No matter how little I ate or how baggy my clothes were. I tried my best to hide it!!! And later in life as I would have my last three so close together I tried to ignore the signs then too but eventually I could not hide it. I mean a 7 lb healthy baby would show for sure!!! They have their boyfriends on there saying they didn't notice a thing. I could see if there were no prenatal care and it was 2 lbs of 4 lbs. My aunt gave birth to a 2 lb baby premature and she was deffiantly showing. Sorry TLC but this is so crap! You need to come up with a better show. I mean come on. 7 lbs no prenatal care your drinking wine at parties and its totally healthy?? They wrap the sorry up like it has a happy ending. Is it possible these people are being paid to be on this show??


Marissa Noe said...

You're funny... but think about it JUST a little. If you're not small like you are, say really overweight- a lot, it could be easier to dismiss it and "not know". I did read an article once in the Readers Digest about a lady who didn't know... she had just gone through some treatment of sorts that made her sick so that explained all the "sickness" and that's what they thought about the weight gain too. And since she was already pretty overweight, she didn't really look pregnant... just overweight. They just also had no idea she could even GET pregnant, so it really was a surprise. She started having really bad cramps and so ended up going to the ER and finding out she was about to have the baby! Now, for this to happen so many times that they would make a show out of it? Not so sure. It seems like this would be a very very rare occurrence. But who knows.

Camille Weeks said...

Thats what I thought too was it would be a really obese lady that you couldn't tell she is pregnant. But when I watched the women were trim and fit. And these weird things go on for like 9 months. Thats almost a year of having your body be different and you seriously never ever once in that span of time with a baby kicking inside you think could this be a pregnancy? Its one of those things where the people are saying they never knew but I think they had to have some idea. If they were telling the truth they would admit to noticing a bigger belly. I mean i gave birth to a 5 lb baby and people thought I was having twins my stomach got so big. And some women that are NOT prego get asked by (rude) people if they are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Camille,

I knew you once upon a time in high school. We ran cross country together. My sister turned me onto your blog and, blog junkie that I am, I now read it pretty regularly. I just wanted to say that you are just as hilarious now as you were back then and that I really missed you when you suddenly disappeared from cross country practices. You were such a rock star on our team, even when you were pregnant. :)

Big love to you and your sweet family.