Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Americas got talent!

My car would not start the other day outside of the Target (where else would I be) and I had to walk home with the kids. My favorite part was when Addie said to me "Mom do you realize how ghetto this is?" Any way the car needed to get fixed and we were without a car for a few days. I was worried we would be bored out of our minds but never fear Addie and Olivia decided to have a talent show in the garage. Its amazing to me that as soon as I clean out the garage we can always find something else to do in there that makes a mess. My mom was visiting and she really had a good time. She told the kids she had a talent and she said she could sing Opera. Then she went up and cleared her throat a million times, shifted, and stretched and then she literally sang the word Opera and sat down. My kids just sat there in dead silence confused. I can tell she had a bunch of her white trash relatives rolling with that joke at some family reunion after they were done swimming in the horse trough. But I guess my kids didn't get it. Then we moved on to the really talented people.
Olivia did a booty shake to the song all the single ladies and received a bouquet of fake flowers (that were reused each time a new act came on).

This is the seating that was provided by Addie and Olivia. Naturally my mom got the most comfortable chair available so I was left with everything that would require my butt to be about the size of what could fit into a mixing bowl.

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