Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Addie sang made up songs which oddly enough were better than the guy that sang on the Bachelorette this past Monday. But still its stuff like "I have a friend her name is Auuuw... ddd...rrrrr eeeee yyy... and she is so ppprrr... eeee. tttt..eeee yyyy. Then we all clap and throw these cheap dollar store flowers at her feet.

Dallin didn't have a talent but wanted to participate. I stand in as a tackling dummie so he could show his mad football skills. So he went for the next best thing. To give us the long details behind how he came up with how to make this nifty lego watch and all of the added features it has like it can turn into a weapon and stab the enemy. ZZZZZ.. I fell asleep through that one. But its not my fault. My seat was the wagon in the above pic and it was too comfortable to resist a little cat nap.

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