Sunday, June 6, 2010

The first part of our "regular" day.......

I know most people sit an wonder what does Brad Pitt do with his average day off? Likewise you are probably thinking the same thing about me. Well let me tell you...... we do nothing! Especially now that it is summer. Andrew and I have had a couple of chats about planning a big trip or two but it makes my head want to explode so for now we do simple things with in the 12 mile radius of our house. Usually I let the morning drag and when the cartoons are not enough they start wrestling so I let that go on for like and hour (hell its wearing them out which is helpful) and then when some one gets hurt I open the garage and make them all get on a bike and we head to the pool or sprinkler park.

Riding their scooters also helps them get worn out and tired. And thats my MO for parenting. Dallin didn't want to ride his scooter because he still has the staples in his head and doesn't want to fall and make matters worse.

This particular day we choose the sprinkler park.

Dallin refused to get wet even on his feet claiming it could hurt his staples more. So I told him he could start walking home and I would meet him there with the other kids for lunch.

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