Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conversations that make me want to lay in a grave.

Addie is really getting the best of me and she is only five. I can't think about her teenage years without a couple of doses of Nyquil and shining a bright flash light into my eyes. I never wanted to be one of those parents that says do it because I told you so but I might be headed down that path soon. The other day she was up stairs and her shirt was twisted. She yells at me to come up stairs and help her out. I explained that I was busy with the younger two down stairs and she should come to me so I could help her. She told me that she did not want to come downstairs and she wanted me to come up stairs. I said "well you don't always get what you want!" "march your little but down here or you won't get my help". Her response?? "If I come down to you mom then you will be getting what you want so how does that make you better than me?" So I ran up the stairs and un twisted her shirt and said "HA!" "Now who is the bigger person?" The look on her face did not make me feel like I had won though.

Olivia... My cute care bear is starting to show the ability to think as well. She was licking the beater after I had mixed up the brownies and was make a horrible mess. I took the beater away and told her she was done. She said she wanted more brownie batter. I said "NO!" You were making a mess! So I took away your privileges. She dipped her finger in the batter and licked it clean and said "try and take that out of my tummy!" If I hadn't done my yoga that day and found inner peace I probably would have pulled out knives and pretended that I was going to preform at home surgery. I hate being one upped.
And do not comment that you know where they get it from. Trust me its not a good idea.


Anonymous said...

You have very smart little kiddos, who are totally disrespecting you! It's not their fault. You are their parent, you have to teach them that what you say goes. Its sucks most of the time, especially, by yourself, cause we mothers are not designed to have to be the tough ones. It is all about the follow through. It took me awhile to get it down. Just start by saying what you mean, and mean what you say. It holds you accountable and teaches them, trust, honesty, consequenes, and a bunch of other real life stuff that we are actually here to do for them. Addie, by the way, was sooo wrong. Her going down to you, should have been the only way(since you already said she had to) she got help. She had the need, not you. You wouldn't have "gotten your way" by her coming down. She would have gotten what she said she needed. You were holding the power on that and gave it away with some quick manipulation.

Camille Weeks said...

Um... Mrs Anonymous. I am not a push over. I am very head strong and I don't let my kids run the show. Addie is very smart and confident. I love that about her! I thought she was making a good point. I did have the time and energy to go help her I just didn't want to. I can give in a little and I don't have to always have what is convenient for me. Thats because I am an adult. She is a child and its different for her and most child psychologists say that they can't think of things selflessly. I am slowly teaching her how to see that others have needs too and she might have to be patient or not get her way. But this is life she wont get it all the way if I try to dominate every time and it will take her time and a few experiences to get it all the way. I value them using their brains and I did not feel disrespected cause I am not egotistical enough to find a child thinking for themselves as a personal attack on my authority. I pick and choose my battles. I blogged about it so when they are accomplishing great things as they are older I will look back and see these moments as more about them than me.