Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Pimpin

Our Red head! We really thought we wouldn't get one. I remember my sister having to stay inside for huge amounts of time in the summer with horrible sunburns from being a red head so we take all the precautions with our cute boy. On top of SPF70 he has a hat, sun glasses and a water shirt. We also recently hired an oompa loompa to follow him around where ever he goes with an umbrella.


Stephanie said...

All hail to the redheads!

Swimshirts and SPF 70 are the best thing that has ever happened to redheads. It makes it so that Annie doesn't turn bright red at the mere thought of sunlight.

But where do you get the oompah loompahs?

Andrew and Camille Weeks said...

In answer to your question Stephanie. I got them at Costco. Where else do you get anything of value? They are only 4.99 an hour.