Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My two girls

My girls.!
They are close in age. I always was told by the opinionated older women in relief society that they would be best friends since this is the case. But they can’t stand each other. They only get along for minutes out of a month and the rest is large clumps of hair strewn all about the house, bitting, hitting and constant screams, crying and whining. I have been going out in the odd part of our back yard and I dig a little more each day. Its my grave. I know soon I will willingly climb right in. I can’t imagine them as teenagers. They will be the same clothing size yet refuse to share a thing. Will ride separately to school and steal each others friends. Fun fun. They are very different.


Rachel said...

You're posting faster than I can read and since you never answer your phone I'll just use the blog as a means to communicate.

Becka said...

Camille! What on earth are you talking about? My prediction is that Addie and Olivia will end up just like you and me. You were always really into looks and fashion, while I always wanted to play, and wrestle with my brother. Then when we got older it changed you became more into sports and I became more prissy. Both of your girls are so amazing and I am so honored to have them as my little nieces.

Shayla said...

I seriously love reading your blog!! You should get this stuff published... Love ya loads!! ( and by the way, your girls remind me quite a bit of you and your sisters...just a thought : )