Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Her dad will bawl his eyes out at her wedding. Addie’s will be large and expensive cause it will be a celebration for me as well.
I love that Olivia is determined and will knock you out cold if you cross her. I just have no idea how to make sense of her cause I am allot like Addie a girly girl that loves jewlery, hair and makeup. We will see. For now she is WEIRD.

If you would like to make donations toward my casket or headstone e-mail and I will send a link to my bank account.


Rachel said...

Hey crazy mama, what does your headstone and casket have to do with Olivia? I was with you all the way up to that part. We missed you today at the chocolate factory.

Jed & Rachel said...

Her uncle Jed loves her just the way she is too. She's as much fun to wrestle with as Dallin. I miss her buttpies.