Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Typical Day !

This morning I was asking my husband what he was going to do for the day and I realized we are worlds apart. He has to wear a $300.00 suit and take one of his staff to lunch. Where he will procede to order the fillet minon and a side salad and coach him on how to be more diplomatic with the client then order the key lime pie to go. (all paid for by the firm)
You wanna know what I am going to do today?
As I wear my frumpy not so attractive clothes (I have mastered the skill of making workout clothes blend into day wear and pajamas) (maybe not mastered but don't say anything cause I have a negative self image)
I know he thinks his day is stressful and crazy and we can relate in the evening as we talk after the kids go to bed and I explain how I have overcome my gag reflex with this potty training child cause I had to carry a huge log from the hall way to the toilet and only had watery eyes "I didnt dry heave once!" and he describes how he over came his fear of presenting in meetings thinking yeah we both have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Deep inside I am thinking no way buddy I am the heavy weight champ here. I win. So far Oprah and Dr. Phil back me up but he is always too busy at work to hear them say it.
My day as follows...........


Rachel said...

If I was Andrew, I think I would make up some really rough stuff and leave out the part about a good lunch. Sometimes I'd have to ask Boo to leave out the part about going out to lunch because PB&J just wasn't as good. Then I wallow in my self pity for the rest of the afternoon.

Boo said...

Andrew could always change careers to something more acceptable under your rationale...like proctologist. That way you're equally involved in sore bums and poop.

BTW: you're doing a great job with your kids. Chin up!

Andrew and Camille Weeks said...

For those of my readers who might think Boo comes across as a little arrogant no worries. He is simply one of the 5% of Americans that is so brilliant he is often misunderstood. I was reading this book called "how to get people to think you are normal" and in there they have a test you can take if you think you might be like boo and thats why you feel out of place. I will only list 3 questions due to space.
1.Using chemicals in your house create an inexpensive antidote for Anthrax, Herpes or Breast Cancer.
2.Formulate a political strategy, which will culminate in world peace before the end of the decade. Be prepared to defend the viability of your plans within the context of militant Islamic societies.
3.Using an electric toothbrush, a can opener and cotton briefs as surgical tools remove your optical lobe.
Extra credit- Walk on water.