Thursday, June 26, 2008

High Tech

We recently went from just a step up from the Shaker people to majorly high tech. I needed to let close friends and family know because now if you come to visit you will no longer be able to enter any room in our house or go outside for that matter without keying in a pass code. If you want the codes I can e-mail them to you or send them via U.S mail. So far I have been able to use just about any code I can think of, but I assure you its just a glich in the system that will be rebooted and updated soon. Odds are in a couple more months it might be as simple as using your thumb print or scanning your eye to enter a room. The computers were installed (colored and taped to the wall) on Tuesday. It was all Dallin. I didn't have to do a thing. I was just informed and now I am telling you.


Rachel said...

Sure would have been useful to know those codes before I got locked in your bathroom.

Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

If only Dallin could figure out a way to set up lazer sensors to let me know when the kids were getting into things that they know better, I would pay him high dollar!