Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Little D is home from the hospital. He stayed for way longer than we would have thought but he was in need of it. I am glad too cause some of the nurses were driving me nuts. He is eating a normal diet. And the wet diapers are not as bad. For now our priority is to get rid of the diaper rash. His tush is chapped to the max. If any one has any good ideas let me know. I have kept the diaper off an let the area air dry, but it hasn't done too much. He lost 3 pounds through this whole thing. Its so weird but he doesnt even look like my baby. I love chubby babies and its hard for me to hold his skinny little body. 3 pounds is a mother load. It takes me months to loose that much and I weigh several times what he does. I could never volunteer in a starving village cause I can't play nice with the skinny babies. How do you blow raspberries on that? I think I will melt a cube of butter in his bottle tonight cause I need the rolls back and the little man boobs.
Thanks for all the concern and help everyone has offered.


Boo said...

"...I need the rolls back and the little man boobs."

High School would have been so much better for me had more of the female population desired those same attributes.

PS - I love little D-Man! Welcome home champ!

Stephanie said...

I've heard the "butt paste" works really well - you can get it at Walmart.

I was always more impressed with straight powder, a bunch of it, in the diaper.

Good luck! He'll get the rolls back soon!